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The Generous Life- Stewardship of the Environment

Stewardship of the Environment

The Generous Life-Stewardship of Time

Stewardship of Time

The Generous Life- Stewardship of Finances

Stewardship of Finances

Sermon by Dave Witmer and only partly recorded.

Finding God in Culture- Authentic Worship Expression

Authentic Worship Expression

Finding God in Culture-A Missional Kingdom Life

Missional Kingdom Life

Finding God in Culture- A Safe Spiritual Search

Safe Spiritual Search

Blessed are the peacemakers

Blessed are the pure in heart

Blessed are the pure in heart

Blessed are the merciful

Blessed are the merciful

Blessed are those who hunger sermon

Blessed are those who hunger

Worship Time & Location

Weekend Worship
10:30 AM
Community Room on King
106 W. King Street
Lancaster, PA 17603

Earth Day Sunday: Picking Up Trash

Sunday April 19 is known as Earth Day Sunday, a day to raise awareness of stewardship of the environment. During our worship gathering we will talk about stewarding the environment. But from 9-10 AM we'll gather together for a small act of helping to care for the earth. We'll gather at 9 AM at the Community Room on King and then go out in the community to spend an hour picking up trash. Gloves and Trash bags will be provided.

Invite others to join us in being good stewards of the environment, even in a very small way.

Generous Life Week 2

We all want to make a difference in this world. The way we spend and steward our resources determine our impact. The Generous Life isn't just a matter of money, it is also a matter of our bodies, the environment, talents, gifts, and relationships. In this series we'll explore how a generous life will change us and change the world around us.

Join us for week 2 of the Generous Life on Sunday April 19. The morning will include musical worship, prayer, dialogue, biblical message and conversation. We'll be talking about the stewardship of the environment by looking at Genesis 1:26-31

Invite some friends to join you as we explore the Generous Life.