Veritas Community


We believe that God…

wants to reach the emerging culture with his love, compassion, mercy and grace and that he desires that all come to know and to follow Him.

Increasingly people areā€¦

disillusioned with religion,
looking for community,
hungry for spirituality,
longing for purpose, meaning, and hope,
and looking for that everywhere but the traditional church.

We believe VERITAS…

is a means to take a radical new approach to become the hands and feet of Jesus to help build the Kingdom of God in our emerging, postmodern culture.


Our Current Series running from January 4-February 15: iDoubt: Questions about Faith


Wednesday February 18 Ash Wednesday Worship Gathering


Next Series running from February 22 – April 5: The Last Week

Veritas: A Vision for Lancaster

Here is a way to help support and move our Missional Community of Authentic Worshippers forward into the future.

Worship Time & Location

Weekend Worship
10:30 AM
Community Room on King
106 W. King Street
Lancaster, PA 17603

iDoubt: Questions about Faith Week 4

Many of us have questions about our faith, but we're afraid to ask them because we feel guilty, or we're afraid of being judged. Well, that is all about to change. For seven weeks we'll explore, wrestle with, and discuss questions about faith. Join us for iDoubt: Questions about Faith.

On Sunday January 25 we'll continue the series with the question "Is the Bible reliable?" The morning will also include coffee, food, musical worship, prayer, discussion, biblical message and dialogue.

Invite some friends to join as we explore questions about faith together during iDoubt.